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Service package for technical auditing (expert assessment) and preparation of Technical report.

The whole range of services for operation of commercial real estate.

SPA Ecosystem: industrial facility for waste water treatment

Electrical grid testing services (up to 35 kV).
Reg. No. 6454 dated June 17, 2016.

Experience and expertise cannot always be measured financially. We do more than one can afford — we get responsibility for technicality of your business off your chest.
Ogust Sal’Asal Claude, CEO

About us

About us
Etl-Service, LLC is an experienced service provider, which has a long history in:

  • Integrated maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of utilities
  • Technical auditing of utilities
  • Internal and external cleanup
  • Construction compliance monitoring
  • Electrical measurements and instrumentation laboratory
  • Mobile emergency service

“Etl-Service” is committed to the following principles:

  • Open interaction with the client (visibility in accounting and pricing, open discussion of all issues)
  • High-quality performance (work to exceed the Client’s expectations)
  • Long-term cooperation with the Client
  • We are open to any partnership provided that it makes us better

The company’s advantages

  • We use innovative software to provide additional service to the facility owners and tenants
  • We provide the whole range of services (PM and FM) by our own efforts, which will allow you to involve one contractor instead of several ones. It saves your time and helps not to dissolve responsibility.
  • Utilizing our own emergency service significantly improves our operational capabilities in performance of both emergency work and planned on-site service.
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