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Technical auditing

Etl-Service provides service package for technical auditing (expert assessment) and preparation of Technical report:

  • Inventory taking and damage assessment of life-support systems of the facility
  • Health assessment of engineering and construction structures of the facility for their timely preventive maintenance
  • Facility operation quality assessment, required documentation availability control
  • Risk assessment in terms of the possibility of applying sanctions against the enterprise by the supervisory authorities
  • Expert evaluation of the facility’s operational costs

Pre-operation of real estate:

  • Utilities and equipment auditing;
  • Operational costs analysis;
  • Expert evaluation of project documentation and works performed;
  • Supervision of the contactors’ activities on site;
  • Managing damage assessment register;
  • Acceptance of the finished project from the general contractor;
  • Creation of an archive of all design and construction documents;
  • Facility acceptance;
  • Entering into contracts with energy suppliers;
  • Development of facility operation and management documentation package


Etl-Service offers the whole range of services for operation of commercial real estate of any purpose and life cycle. Having examined and analyzed technical condition of the facility, experts will offer you a customized operation program taking into account all the peculiarities of the building and your financial capacity.

Maintenance of the utilities

  • Power supply and lighting
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Refrigeration supply
  • Heating supply
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Life-support automated control systems
  • Firefighting systems and equipment
  • Safety, security and access control systems
  • Low current systems and structured cable links
  • Emergency power supply and uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Dispatching control and automation systems
  • Elevators, escalators and walkways
  • Central television systems and antenna equipment
  • Notification and broadcasting systems

Technical administration

As part of providing technical operation services, on the Client’s request, Etl-Service can administrate all the issues related to operation.

  • Preparation of required reports for municipal services on issues that may fall within the competence of the operating company under the contract; calculation of payments receivable from the Client for utility services provided for the facility.
  • Development and monitoring of compliance with internal regulations, fire safety rules at the facility.
  • Accounting (amount and content of documentation should be tentatively agreed by the parties) of equipment and systems parameters.
  • Administering of the list of users of the facility area access system
  • Preparation of the facility for celebrations (including flying the flags, decoration of entrance lobbies)
  • Designing of information stands, banners, ads: agreeing of their distribution (except for obtaining approvals, permits, etc. for outdoor advertising from authorized organizations and authorities), connection, operation and updating.
  • Development and updating, when necessary, of regulations and concepts related to functioning, operating and providing security of the facility and its visitors, including: an emergency plan, fire safety regulations.

Interaction with supervising authorities and US (Utility suppliers)

As part of providing technical operation services, Etl-Service interacts with state bodies, local self-government authorities, public utilities and administrative departments of the Owner, in particular: participation and solving current issues in inspections conducted by the supervisory and control units of public authorities, state and utility suppliers

Interaction with supervising authorities and US

  • Total support of the Client in inspections conducted by the supervisory and control units of public authorities, state and utility suppliers
  • Preparation of documentation required to change and agree on contractual relations with public utilities and the Owner’s administrative units
  • Preparation of required reports for public utilities and utility suppliers
  • Reconciliation of actually consumed resources with invoices issued
  • Monitoring of the amount of resources consumed at the facility based on meter reading on a regular basis
  • Facilitation and participation in preparation and signing contracts with public utilities and the Owner’s administrative units

Maintenance and repair

Etl-Service has technical staff to carry out works on the restoration of worn out, damaged or broken engineering systems to their proper operational level or to the operation condition considering their service life, within the framework of individual commercial offers for this work. The order of repair works is determined depending on the importance of the required repair: from the most to the least urgent.

  • Determining the systems and equipment failure causes and delivery of an official written opinion letter on the incident
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference for repair work
  • Conducting current repairs and maintenance of systems and equipment within the framework of operating budget after expiration of the warranty
  • Conducting capital repair (under separate agreement with the Client)
  • Control over systems and equipment repair work
  • Signing of concealed works acts, supervising commissioning work, control over testing of systems and equipment at the facility
  • Putting the re-installed systems and equipment of the facility into operation
  • As-built documentation and warranty liabilities acceptance and auditing
  • Preparation of notifications related to changes in as-built documentation
  • Submission of notifications and as-built documentation to the Client.

Operation cost management

Etl-Service offers reasonable operation of commercial real estate and operation cost management, which forms the basis of its profitability. Maintenance costs reduction technology applied by specialists of Etl-Service has been successfully tested on real estate properties.

  • Supervising of all construction, installation, repair, commissioning etc. works at the facility
  • Control over compliance with all regulations and standards of the Russian Federation regulating construction and installation work on the territory of the facility
  • Preparation of the list of spare parts and consumables required for the normal operation of the facility
  • Periodic analysis of the spare parts and consumables market and selection of a supplier
  • Purchase of spare parts and consumables under the contract
  • Warehousing, accounting and control over discarding spare parts and consumables at the facility
  • Control of constant volume of spare parts and consumables stock at the facility
  • Inventory taking and preparation of a facility inventory report
  • Free transfer of analytical information on spare parts and consumables to the Client upon the completion of the provision of services under the contract

Electric laboratory

Etl-Service, LLC Electrical measurements and instrumentation laboratory is registered at the Central Office of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision with the right to perform commissioning work, preventive tests and measurements of electrical equipment and electricity-generating plants with voltage up to 35 kV. Registration No. 6454 of 17/06/2016.

List of authorized tests and measurements:

  1. Measuring electrical resistance of grounding connections. Check of the circuit between the grounding devices and grounded elements. Check of the presence of a circuit between grounded devices and elements of a grounded installation.
  2. Measuring electrical resistance of electrical apparatus isolation, secondary circuits and electrical wiring with voltage of up to 1 kV.
  3. Protection acting test in neutral grounded power supply system (direct current measurement of single-phase short circuit or impedance measurement of a “phase-zero” loop with subsequent current measurement of single-phase short circuit).
  4. Testing of automatic circuit breaker tripping device
  5. Testing of АВР devices.
  6. Testing (examination) of protection tripping units (PTU).
  7. Testing of power cable links with voltage of up to 10 kV.
  8. Testing of safety devices with voltage of over 1 kV.
  9. Measuring touch and pitch voltage.
  10. Testing of measuring current and voltage transformers.
  11. Check of lightning rods.
  12. Testing of oil-break switches in electricity generating plants with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  13. Check of switchgears and switchgear connections phasing.
  14. Testing of alternating-current motors.
  15. Testing of switchgears and control gears, switchgears of external use in electricity generating plants with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  16. Testing of power transformers, autotransformers, oil reactors and ground-fault neutralizers (arc suppression coils) with voltage of up to 35 kV and power of under and above 1.6 MVA.
  17. Testing of disconnectors, isolators and short-circuiters.
  18. Testing of inputs and wall tube insulators.
  19. Testing of suspension and supporting insulators.
  20. Check of protecting relay, automatics and remote control.
  21. Testing of valve-type arresters and voltage suppressors.
  22. Testing of electrical protective means.
  23. Testing of vacuum circuit breakers in EGP (energy-generating plant) with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  24. Testing of load-break switches in EGP with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  25. Testing of collecting and connecting bus bars.
  26. Testing of complete conductors (bus lines).
  27. Testing of condense
  28. Testing of SF 6 circuit breakers in EGP with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  29. Testing of transformer oil.
  30. Testing of dry current limiting reactors.
  31. Testing of airblast switches in EGP with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  32. Testing of storage batteries.
  33. Testing of synchronous generators and compensators with voltage of up to 35 kV.
  34. Finding cable runs, locating faults and “burning” the cable line.
  35. Thermal imaging survey of electrical equipment.

All tests and measurements are conducted by highly qualified and trained staff with the use of innovative digital electro-measuring equipment. All the equipment is mandatorily checked by ROSTEST.

Measuring and testing work, preparation of documentation are performed by our experts within a shortest term, at a convenient time and without violating the working day of the Client. The result of the measurements is the Test Report of the electrical generating unit prepared in accordance with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor.


Etl Service is a company that has experience in implementation of a comprehensive approach to delivering the facility cleaning service, which involves:

  • Implementation of actions to maintain cleanness and comfort at the facility taking into account the requirements of the relevant regulations and standards, labor protection rules, SNiPs (Building codes) and migration legislation, as well as the requirements of the Client
  • Interaction with state bodies, local self-governments and public utilities in terms of cleanup, removal and recycling of solid waste, organization of providing public amenities and greening of adjacent territories, maintenance of facades etc.
  • Cooperation with sub-contractors.

Full-service cleaning of adjacent territories

  • After construction cleanup
  • Spring cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Mechanical washing
  • Cleaning of carpets and furniture
  • High-rise cleaning of windows and facades with the involvement of industrial climbers and special equipment
  • Deep cleaning of highly contaminated floor surfaces
  • Carrying out landscape works on planting and gardening, landscaping and cleaning of the surrounding areas.
  • Related works: removal of snow and rubbish, disinfection works, roof cleaning in winter, load handling etc.

Etl Service applies systemic approach:

  • Customized selection of cleaning technologies for the Client;
  • Definition of resources according to performance standards;
  • Facility zoning – assigning a priority status to each zone;
  • Customized development of route and flow charts for each zone of the facility;

System monitoring of cleaning services

  • Check lists;
  • Photo fixation of divergences;
  • Surveying of customers and Clients;
  • Commissioning together with the Client;
  • Logs of quality control;
  • Monthly reports with the Client;
  • Automation of control (work assessment via the communicators).

Facility and real estate cleaning services

Etl Service adheres to strict rules in delivering cleaning services:

  • Compliance with GOST Р 51870-2002 standard — “Houses and buildings cleaning service”.
  • The staff consists of professionals with many years of experience and competent experts constantly developing their capabilities.
  • Reputation; customer reviews about our cleaning company are very important for us.
  • High-end service level offered to our customers.
  • Minimization of environmental damage, we seek to take care of the environment.
  • All cleaning products used in cleanup are certified and approved for application in housing accommodations by SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Service) of the Russian Federation.

Our approach to delivering cleaning services

  • Flexible hours and various cleaning options;
  • Professional equipment, experienced staff – high performance and quality cleaning with the minimum of employees;
  • Optimization of purchasing consumables due to economy of scale and dealer’s discounts;
  • “Open book” approach – visibility of the budget for the Client;
  • Monthly reports with the Client.
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